The most awaited Park Circle Fest 2017 took place on 11th November 2017. With competitions like rangoli, drawing, dances and exciting gifts it was one of the most enthralling event of the year. From kids to adults everyone was enthusiast in Park Circle Fest. Check out some of the exciting moments and glimpse of the event.

As a part of the Park Circle initiative we organize numerous exciting events, shows, activities and competitions. With Park Circle, we seek out ways to stay connected with our community on a regular basis. It is a platform which brings out the best of socialization, networking and celebration.
At Pride Purple Group, it is always a pleasure to have more and more members as our family. To that effect, we have a referral program offering handsome benefits, exclusively for our Pride Circle family. One of the most awaited Park Circle Fest Season 3 took place on 11th November 2017. We had a fun-filled day full of activities such as dance, drawing and rangoli competition, and delightful prizes. It was a fun day with the Park Circle Family, with all the members with their kids participating enthusiastically in the event!

Following events were conducted for Park Circle Family.

- Drawing & Rangoli

The event started with drawing competition for different age groups. All age groups participated enthusiastically in this event. Everyone came up with the different concepts and themes. From kids to adults everyone was super excited and participative in event. Rangoli Competition was again the masterpiece and every participant was excited. It was hard to choose the winner for us.

Painter and Artist Mr. Milind Mulick was one of the main highlight of this event. He shared his thoughts and his artwork on the occasion.

- Dance Performances

The event that everyone was waiting for were the amazing dance performances from all age group.

- Award Ceremony

Efforts are needed to be appreciated and that's what we do at the Award Ceremony. Winners from all age groups got exciting prizes.

We want to thank our Park Circle family for their huge response and participation.