From MD's Desk

At the Pride Purple Group, we cater to a niche market of middle and upper middle class. We believe that if the planning is right and thoughtful, then the end product is appreciated and sought after. That’s how all our projects are resident friendly, cost effective, sturdy and require extremely low maintenance. Apart from world class infrastructure and amenities, our projects have all essential services including schools, entertainment hubs, and hospitals, in near vicinity. If one is not available, we take extra efforts to make one available for you.

Of the many attributes which set us apart from the rest, the most essential is ‘offering something completely different than what the industry has to offer.’ We allocate substantial resources to research and gain insights about a prospective location. We have our sales team on board, right from the initial stages of planning a land purchase. Based on the research insights and inputs from the sales team, we freeze a location and begin with the planning and designing, keeping in mind the needs, wants and convenience of future residents, at every step. As a matter of fact, a crucial guideline we all follow here is asking ourselves “How would you think, plan and execute, if you were the one to buy that particular apartment?” at every juncture.

At the Pride Purple Group, we consider our human resources as our strength. We are consistently making efforts to make sure they find opportunities for growth. Our work force works with us virtually as partners. We ensure that they share the same core values as everyone in the team. It is very important for us that they have a feeling of ownership with the company. This ensures a sense of pride and satisfaction that we as a team share at the Pride Purple Group and also enables them to be naturally quality conscious, cost-effective, transparent and brand conscious.

A huge plus point for us is the land bank we have, which will be developed over the next 25 years. Another beneficial policy that we have been following is the moderate leveraging approach which helps up to manage things smoothly. Since the inception of the Pride Purple Group our focus has always been on quality. Now, we are slowly shifting to bigger horizons, with townships that span over 100 acres or more. These townships boast of essential services, amenities, and a wholesome integrated community living experience. With the nature of our growth, which has been consistent at about 20 - 25 percent, coupled with the collective determination of the entire Pride Purple Group team, we see ourselves amongst the top 5 of Real Estate in India.